Science is important anywhere and everywhere. Science can be a passion for anyone and everyone. Get started in your community today!


Let us know what you're planning. We can help get you started with advice and goals for your branch of FSTS. Contact: fromstudenttoscientist@gmail.com. Get together a group of friends who love science just like you. Identify a school in your community with a need for more science opportunities.


Let us know what you find! From here, you can contact the school or we can help you with this part, if you'd like. After you've established a partnership, you're well on your way! We'll work closely with you to implement our FSTS Annual Agenda, and we'll be there throughout the year to answer questions. 


Let's make your goals a reality! Be sure to keep us updated with any pictures/media and news. We can't wait for you to join our community!